My hope is to inspire and empower you to make and enjoy delicious coffee. This video did just that for me when it came to buying and making my own espresso drinks at the house. Something that honestly I left to my local shop keeps for the most part. Enjoy the video and enjoy a nice espresso while you’re at it! 

The Hario V60…

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A marvelous list of coffee gadgets from a classy site. again satisfies their reputation with this excellent essentials kit for the coffee connoisseur. Enjoy.

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Just got my teeth whitened so this means no coffee for a bit!!! I can still look and smell though!

Whilst on a trip to ohio, I happened upon this little jewel of the coffee industry. One Line Coffee provided the coffee highlight of my trip with a v60 pour-over of their Burundi Kayanza Gatare (country: Burundi, region: Kayanza, washing station: Gatare). This particular coffee is what is known as a Bourban type of bean and was washed then dried on raised beds in Gatare. The beginning note (2.5min. after brew) was very strong of licorice (not mentioned in the tasting notes) and as the cup aged, the grape notes really began to come to center stage. This is a well rounded cup with mild acidity and a nice warm body making this it a sensation for the taste buds. I had to bring some home to share and am just finishing off the last of it now! Enjoy some for yourself! Cheers!
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$11.95/12oz. bag: Burundi Kayanza Gatare

A wonderful source for quality coffee on the go! Great for campers, backpackers, or the urban adventurer. “The Coffeebrewer is basically a hybrid between a filter dripmaker and a French Press.” Each pouch contains 26 grams of what is claimed to be the top 1% of finest coffee available, only acquired from “single estates” or coffee cooperatives. This affords that each pouch provides a wonderfully unique brew with every Grower’s Cup experience.  Grower’s Cup is housed on strong core values that respect the coffee trade and the environment. Cheers to the folks over at Grower’s Cup for a fine cup of brew! 

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Health Benefits

"Heavy coffee drinkers may be half as likely to get diabetes as light drinkers or nondrinkers. Coffee may contain ingredients that lower blood sugar. A coffee habit may also increase your resting metabolism rate, which could help keep diabetes at bay."

Article Cred: Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide

- The french press. Currently my preferred system for making coffee, and has been for many a year now. The ability to have a hot coffee unadulterated by filthy filters and precious-oil theft. With various designs and methods of brewing, the french press is a spectacular way to enjoy the choicest of beverages at any time of the day. What a wonderful way to begin
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